In July 2021, the Jožef Stefan Institute as a partner in the ENEEP consortium, participated in the international mobility programme MOBIL-APP 2021, organized by the Aix-Marseille University – AMU and funded by A*MIDEX foundation. From 5 to 13 July 2021, AMU students enrolled in the master’s degree in Instrumentation, Measurement and Metrology had the opportunity to attend lectures, assist to presentations and seminars (CEA, MIT, AMU, University of Michigan, CAEN S.p.A. and JSI) and to visit laboratories (LIMMEX, IM2NP and CEA Cadarache center). The students also remotely visited two research reactors: the MITR reactor (MIT, USA) and the JSI TRIGA reactor (Slovenia) and remotely performed practical exercises. In the JSI TRIGA reactor they were able to perform measurements in real time of the neutron flux profile inside the reactor core using a miniature fission chamber during operation at low power. The MOBIL-APP programme was a fantastic opportunity for students to gain knowledge in the nuclear field, first-hand experience in experiments at research reactors and insights into nuclear research. The programme was made possible by colleagues from the AMU, special thanks are due to Pr. Christelle Reynard-Carette.