Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in October 2020 all the courses at the University of Ljubljana were performed by remote attendance, including practical exercises at Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) TRIGA research reactor. Thus the JSI organized nine out of ten exercises remotely which took place between 23rd of October and 15th January. With the effort of the demonstrator and the reactor operators a very efficient design was created, involving several cameras by which the students were able to view the experiments themselves and perform measurements simultaneously. Moreover, the students were also able to interact with the instrumentation performing measurements by themselves. The exercises were performed in a very interactive way which lead to a great inclusion of all students. The course was followed by students from the University of Ljubljana as well as foreign students that are part of the SARENA international program.

Student experience:

»The feeling I got when I first entered the reactor control room is unforgettable.«

Edgar Andres, SARENA

»The course on the TRIGA reactor was very educative since the experiments were actually performed by us, despite the remote attendance.«

Kristina Pahor, FMF

»The exercises were easily understandable for me, even though I have an engineering background. This was due the perfect amount of explanation, clear instructions and the explicit demonstration.«

Abdelrahman Elbayoumi, SARENA

»For me it was very helpful to have all the important parameters all the time on my screen. It led to a clear overview of the experiments.«

Benjamin Barbarič, FMF

»The experiments were performed on a research reactor but we always stressed their use in a nuclear power plant, which I find very important.«

Afeef Murad, SARENA

»For me it was the most satisfying moment, when I saw from my own measurements how they fit theoretical models.«

Anže Mihelčič, FMF