On 5th and 6th March 2020, I took part in a business trip to Brussels, where I presented our new project H2020 "European Nuclear Experimental Educational Platform (ENEEP)" at a special seminar of the ENEN association. My main intention was to inform about the project scope and the possibility to take part in the research, education and training activities proposed by the ENEEP consortium. Students, young specialists and members of universities from the ENEN network as well as from associated ENEN members were welcomed to negotiate the common activities during the demonstration phase of the project and after the project end.

Ilia Filipev, the Rosatom's head of project office "Nuclear Education Transfer" joined the discussion with the proposal for cooperation, in which Rosatom would provide exercises at the fast-critical assembly in Obninsk. He promised to send a more detailed proposal in a written form. A representative of the University of Fukuji expressed the university's interest in the participation of their students in demonstration exercises. Prof. Dr. Leon Cizelj, the President of the ENEN Association, expressed his interest to be actively involved in the ENEEP project.

On March 6th, 2020, I participated in the annual meeting of the GA ENEN Association, where the new management of the association was elected. The photo attached shows the participants in the meeting, the representatives of the new management of the association and the former president are sitting. Among those standing, I am 13th from the right.

Bratislava, 26th May 2020, Ján Haščík