Fundamentals of Neutron Detection (JSI)

Fundamentals of Neutron Detection (JSI)


04.12.2023 – 07.12.2023 (4 working days)


Ljulbljana, Slovenia


Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), Slovenia, under the management of the European Nuclear Experimental Educational Platform (ENEEP) and in cooperation with the European Nuclear Educational Network (ENEN)




The ENEEP “Fundamentals of Neutron Detection” course at JSI is intended as a demonstration of neutron detection techniques and neutron detectors commonly employed in nuclear science and technology in the measurement and characterization of neutron fields, e.g. in nuclear power plants, fission and fusion research reactors and neutron generators. The course will consist of experimental measurements in which an Am-Be source and the core of the JSI TRIGA research reactor will be used as neutron sources. In the course, an offline technique will be demonstrated, i.e. neutron dosimetry by neutron activation analysis, as well as several online detectors, i.e. fission chambers, BF3 and He-3 detectors, and gamma-compensated boron-lined ionization chambers. The course will provide fundamentals on neutron detection techniques, as well as detailed knowledge of the detection systems employed.

Participants’ qualifications:

The course is aimed at students in master’s degree programs and Ph.D. students studying nuclear engineering as the major curriculum. It is also suitable for students studying various major engineering curricula such as power engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering with future assignments in various nuclear curricula.

Course program:

  • Monday, 04.12.2023
    • Registration
    • Welcome, course opening, pre-test
    • Presentation of the JSI and visit to the JSI TRIGA reactor facility
  • Tuesday, 05.12.2023
    • Reactor exercise I - Measurement of BF3 and He-3 neutron detector response
    • Reactor exercise II - Neutron activation analysis
  • Wednesday, 06.12.2023
    • Reactor exercise III - In-core neutron flux mapping using a miniature fission chamber
    • Reactor exercise IV - Neutron flux measurement using a gamma-compensated boron-lined ionization chamber
  • Thursday, 07.12.2023
    • Teamwork and presentation of achieved results
    • Take-aways, Post-test, Collection of feedback

Course directors:

Vladimír Radulović (JSI)

Contact person:

Vladimír Radulović (JSI)

Jakub Lüley (ENEEP)

Course fee, fellowship:

The course fee for participants from non-EU countries or non-eligible ENEN countries is 1,000 € without TAX. The course fee includes course materials, full access to all exercises, and online tutoring before and after the course. The course fee does not include accommodation, per diem, or transportation of the participants.

Participants from ENEN-eligible countries (please see the ENEN2plus mobility manual.) are encouraged to apply for the travel grant covering:

  • Course fee: 500 €
  • Travel lump sum: 500 €
  • Per diem: 366.67 €

The maximum number of granted participants is 10 and the minimum number of total participants to open a course is 8. In case the number of eligible applications exceeds the maximum number defined for the course, an extra course might be opened.

Application deadline:

23 Jun, 2023, 23.59 CET

Application Procedure:

To apply to the course, the applicant should fill in the ENEEP APPLICATION FORM and submit the following documents:

  • filled-in application form,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • motivation letter

The ENEEP evaluation committee will inform all applicants about the results of the application procedure by June 30, 2023, at 23.59 CET.

In the next step, the selected participants shall apply for the ENEN2plus MOBILITY GRANT, provided through the ENEN2plus project. The application for the grant should be in line with the conditions stated in the ENEN2plus mobility manual. After meeting the conditions of the mobility manual, the participants selected through the ENEEP application procedure will be automatically granted. The deadline for the ENEN2plus mobility grant is July 15, 2023, at 23.59 CET.