The ENEEP Advanced Reactor Physics Course, organized by the Czech Technical University in Prague, welcomed twelve enthusiastic participants from seven different countries. Over the course of four intensive days, they engaged in a series of reactor exercises, delving into topics such as Delayed Neutron Detection, Reactivity Measurements, Reactor Kinetics and Dynamics, and Critical Experiments. The final segment of the course was dedicated to collaborative teamwork, the presentation of results, and an insightful discussion about the knowledge and experience they had gained.

The impressive overall satisfaction rate of 85%, as evidenced by written feedback, serves as a testament to the meticulous execution of the program. The smiling faces of the participants, accompanied by well-deserved certificates, and their focused expressions during the exercises, underscore the effectiveness and value of their time spent at the VR-1 reactor. We are delighted to share some captivating photos from the course.