Following the successful completion of the EU H2020 project ENEEP, we have transitioned our activities in the framework of the ENEEP Association, registered in 2023 in the Slovak Republic, established by four ENEEP project consortium members:

Slovak University of Technology (STU), Bratislava, Slovakia,

Czech Technical University (CTU), Prague, Czechia,

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Budapest, Hungary.

We are pleased to announce a new member will soon join the ENEEP Association – the University of Pavia, Italy, which operates the LENA laboratory, hosting the Pavia TRIGA Mark-II research reactor.

We aim to continue offering experimental education activities at nuclear facilities to enhance nuclear education curricula in the European space, in line with our Mission. The first ENEEP General Assembly meeting took place in Bratislava on 22nd January 2024, with the principal objective to define the activities of the Association in the coming years.

ENEEP Contact information:


ENEEP Association

Ilkovičova 2961/3,

841 04 Bratislava – city district Karlova Ves,

Slovak republic


Vladimir Radulović, President

Jakub Lüley, Executive Director